domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

The las semester

Well, know I’ll talk about my last academic year. I choose this topic because I think that this year was a very stressful year in comparison whit my first year in the university. In the first semester I had 8 subjects (including English and sport) and in the second semester I had 7 subjects, including English, but I didn’t have sport or “CFG”, CFG is a course of a topic different of the topics of our career, for example: cine. Then I’ll explain why I think that the last year (2009) was a very stressful year to me and what is my opinion about every subject.

In the first semester one of my subjects was development 1, personally I loved this subject, because I share all of its topics, in this subject we had two tests, one was written and the other was oral. Another subject was neurophysiology, I hate it! I think this subject is so boring, and I had to give the exam. The most interesting subject, in my opinion, was psychopathology, because in this subject we had to study mental illness and we had to go to the hospital for saw some patients. In the first semester I had a sport class of dance fun, it was the best class of the first semester, because I had a really good time with my friends and at the same time I could make exercises.
In the second semester the problem arose, because we had two weeks of holidays in September and this caused a big disorganization whit the evaluations. In all the semester we didn’t have any test, and we lose many classes. For this reason we had to give many test and did many works in group in 2 or 3 weeks, and I think that this is a terrible torture, very stressful.

In conclusion, I think this semester was very fun, because I had many interesting subjects, like psychopathology or psychiatry or development or social psychology, and especially fun dance, the only boring subject was neurophysiology, definitely, this is not my favorite area, but after this year I hope to forget this subject forever! jeje. The only bad point of this last year was the disorganization with the tests and works for the different subjects, because this made me get stressful and I had a very painful problem with my colon and a very big problem with my allergy, but this is the real life.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

In my free time...

The activities I enjoy the most when I have some free time are dancing belly dance or anyone type of dance, I love go out with my friends or family and I enjoy the most when I decorate my new belly dance’s dress.
Every Monday and Wednesday at seven o’clock I go to my belly dance’s class with my neighbor Javiera. I have classes for two hours per day. I have been doing this activity every week, every month for two years, because I LOVE IT!!
My second favorite activity is going out with my friends or my family when I have a free time I use to go to the mall with my mother. We stay all the afternoon walking across the corridors of the “Parque Arauco” or go to some restaurant with all my family in general on Saturday when my father has a free time too.
Another activity that I love to do when I have a free time is go to sleep in my grandmother’s flat in Providencia I enjoy it so much because I love my grandmother. When I go to this place I eat a lot of delicious food because she cooks like the gods! And watch fun programs in the television.
I use to go out with my friends when I have a free time. We use to go to the cinema or the disco in general on Saturdays at night. I love it because I missed my friends all the week and I love watch movies and dance specially with my friends.
Recently I have a new activity that I use to do in my free time; this is decorating my new dress for belly dance. I love do it because is very fun but it’s a long, long work. I enjoy when I have to put the sequins in the belt making flowers or another figures. My grandmother and my mother help me with my dress when I don’t have any free time because it’s a really long work. I have to finish the decoration of my dress before December, because I have a presentation of belly dance after Christmas.

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Now I’ll talk about the current situation in my faculty. My faculty has many details, for example the library is very small and has many noise. My faculty needs a room for studies with silence and comfortable chairs. I think that we need more technology in the classrooms, like audio system for the data show and data’s screen. In the classroom are few chairs.
In my faculty the lady’s bathrooms are very small and old. I think that is very necessary a repairs of the bathrooms. For example in the bathroom of the second floor, the ceiling is fallen down.
I think that the room of computers needs more laser printers because when we need print something the printer is bad or doesn’t have toner. For our career is very necessary a laboratory of neurosciences.
The first step to dealing with this situation is search for financing and makes a plan with all of the details to repair.

With these improvements all the students of this faculty could have more comfort.
I hope that someday we could have these improvements in our faculty because this is urgent.
Well, see you soon, the next week I’ll write again, about another topic.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Do you like music?

Yes, I love music, but I don’t know what kind specially because I used to listen the same music for shorts periods of time. I like different kinds of music for example: Chilean rock like Los bunkers or Los tres, romantic music like franco de Vita, 80’s music like Simple Red, Sui generis or Soda, dancehall like Shamanes, Reggae like Bob Marley, etc; in general I prefer music in Spanish because I like sing very much.
Music is really important for me because I use to listen music in every activity during day. For example, when I walk to my home from the university. I think that I usually listen to my favorite music many hours a day maybe four or five hours a day. I can’t live without music because it make me happy.
I think that music is absolutely good for health because when I feel sad I listen happy music or dancing music, like reggaeton or dancehall because I love every kind of dance and this make me happy.
A singer that I love is Joe Vasconcellos, I like his music from I was ten years old, I think that he is a good singer because his songs are very fun for dance and has very good lyrics. My favorite song of Joe is “Magico” because is the first song that I listen of Joe Vasconcellos and I remember many good moments when I listen it. I write a link with a video of my favorite song:

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

Favorite food

I love food in general, I think that the good food is the most relevant thing in the dairy life; it’s so difficult to choose a specific food. I think that the Italian food is very nice, I love spaghettis, lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, pizza, etc. I love sea’s food, like shell food or fish.
My favorite flavor is the flavor of my grandmother’s food, she cook the best food in the word! My mother has the same ability and she cooks one of my favorite dishes, it’s called kitchen of onion. Other of my favorite dishes is sushi, I love ebi tempura and California rolls. I don’t kwon how to prepare this dishes but I want learn it soon. One of my uncles will teach me how to prepare sushi.
I think that the best place for eat sushi is “Sushi Sun” in Reñaca specially in the summer and the best place to eat kitchen of onion is my house when my mother prepare this delicious dish. She prepare this when is my birthday or when I need eat some special food, for example when I have some pain or stress and for this reason the kitchen of onion is a very important dish for me.

viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

What to do and where to go in Santiago:

In my opinion Santiago is a very interesting city, maybe the most interesting city in Chile. Because in Santiago are many places to visit for example the museum of mode or the museum of natural history or the museum of the “La Moneda” building. Other beautiful museum to visit in Santiago is the “bellas artes” museum.
Santiago city is a valley and for this reason it has many hills: for example “San Cristobal”, this hill has a zoo, an image of the Virgin Mary and a cable railway. Another hill in Santiago is called “Santa Lucia” it has a very beautiful palace and a museum of the Mapuche culture. In my opinion the funniest hill in Santiago is the Mahuida park, because in there are: a park of adventure with extreme games, funny farm with little animals and games and the Roldelbahn (it’s a little car that go down in a road. ´
Another beautiful place in Santiago is the Causiño palace because it’s a very old building with a lot of art, elegance and history.
A very interesting place for tourist is the town of “Dominicos” in there is a lot of beautiful craftwork to buy. Other beautiful place to go is the “patio bellavista” because it’s a place with a lot of restaurant.

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

The last movie =)

The last movie I saw was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It’s the 6º film about the teen wizard called Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a novel wrote by J.K Rolling. She is a Britain writer. In this film Voldemort (the cruelest wizard of the novel) returns with most powers, for this reason Hogwarts (Potter’s magic school) was transformed in a dangerous place. Harry Potter and the professor Dumbledore worked together for find the key to destroying Voldemort's defenses, but at the end of the movie Dumbledore died (it’s was very sad). In my opinion it’s a good movie because I didn’t read the book before (I hate the others movies because the books are better, more extensive and with more details).
I went to see that movie whit a friend called Andrés in the winter holidays. We went to the cinema called Hoyts of “la Reina”. It was full! Because that movie had been released recently. I had a really good time before, during and after the movie and I ate a lot of chocolates.
I recommended that movie because it’s very fun, but with one condition, If you want to see that movie don’t read the book before, this is a very bad idea!