domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

The las semester

Well, know I’ll talk about my last academic year. I choose this topic because I think that this year was a very stressful year in comparison whit my first year in the university. In the first semester I had 8 subjects (including English and sport) and in the second semester I had 7 subjects, including English, but I didn’t have sport or “CFG”, CFG is a course of a topic different of the topics of our career, for example: cine. Then I’ll explain why I think that the last year (2009) was a very stressful year to me and what is my opinion about every subject.

In the first semester one of my subjects was development 1, personally I loved this subject, because I share all of its topics, in this subject we had two tests, one was written and the other was oral. Another subject was neurophysiology, I hate it! I think this subject is so boring, and I had to give the exam. The most interesting subject, in my opinion, was psychopathology, because in this subject we had to study mental illness and we had to go to the hospital for saw some patients. In the first semester I had a sport class of dance fun, it was the best class of the first semester, because I had a really good time with my friends and at the same time I could make exercises.
In the second semester the problem arose, because we had two weeks of holidays in September and this caused a big disorganization whit the evaluations. In all the semester we didn’t have any test, and we lose many classes. For this reason we had to give many test and did many works in group in 2 or 3 weeks, and I think that this is a terrible torture, very stressful.

In conclusion, I think this semester was very fun, because I had many interesting subjects, like psychopathology or psychiatry or development or social psychology, and especially fun dance, the only boring subject was neurophysiology, definitely, this is not my favorite area, but after this year I hope to forget this subject forever! jeje. The only bad point of this last year was the disorganization with the tests and works for the different subjects, because this made me get stressful and I had a very painful problem with my colon and a very big problem with my allergy, but this is the real life.

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  1. Valentina very good and funny review of your academic year, I enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations!!!!